A Revolutionary, Peer-Based, Technology Supported Recovery Program.

You Do Not have To Lose Everything to Recover

Programming Starts Immediately Following Enrollment

For You

We Do Recover!

In ORBIIT you will have a new experience on the journey to getting your life back

  • Keep your job and responsibilities

  • Restore strained relationships

  • Build a new way of living

  • Join the winning team

  • Live healthy and free

For Families

Watch the miracle happen! ORBIIT connects supporting families to the process of recovery.

  • Become a recovery support system

  • Orbiit resources mobile app

  • Daily sober score reports

  • Gain a sense of empowerment

  • Watch the miracle happen!

For Communities

Community Organizations, Therapists, Defense Attorneys and Employers - you can enroll people directly in ORBIIT.

  • Sobriety tracking and monitoring

  • Reports on compliance

  • 24/7 alcohol use monitoring

  • Fast access to help when you have a request

  • Pre-trial / post sentencing compliance


We Are The Best Support for You

ORBIIT is a groundbreaking recovery program that redefines the path to sobriety through its innovative SOBER-Mind system. This system is a peer-driven, community-supported framework that harnesses the power of intelligent Technology. ORBIIT offers micro-courses, each under three minutes, designed to fit effortlessly into your daily routine. These focused, manageable learning experiences contribute to a larger recovery journey. With the SOBER-Mind system, participants engage in a transformative process that stimulates neural development and fosters a resilient mindset conducive to long-term recovery. ORBIIT’s commitment to connection, technology, and education creates a dynamic environment where individuals are empowered to reclaim control over their lives, one micro-course at a time.


Program Features

Meet Orbie

The POWERFUL ORBIE. ORBIIT RECOVERY'S intelligent technology Recovery Coach


24/7 alcohol, biometric and location monitoring. Builds trust and encourages success

Built For Your Success

3 minute classes, 8 times a day. Each course gets points that build the daily SoberScore™


ORBIIT Micro-Classes


Alcohol and Biometric Monitoring


Therapy Models


Your successful recovery

Let's Get Going!

Speak with a Recovery Guide Right Now

Recovery Guides are standing by to get you enrolled. Enrollment is simple, and you start immediately. The SOBRsure™ band will arrive within 48 hours of enrollment.

Your Recovery Guide will walk you through the technology and help you have it all set up. This way, you can access and leverage the features right away.


Meet Our Team

ORBIIT is a program for your future, we have all been at the turning point in life where a decision to live better and achieve our ideal was upon us. ORBIIT was created in the model that works best, peer supported community-based recovery!

Daniel Francis


Medical Advisor

David Cleope, BS, CADC-II, CCDS

Program Advisor

Our clinic largest private mental health partnership, with a carefully selected nationwide team of Psychiatrists.


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