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Introducing a pioneering ORBIIT Recovery program integration: SOBRsafe’s transdermal alcohol detection technology. This cutting-edge solution offers real-time monitoring of alcohol presence through skin contact, eliminating the need for traditional testing methods.

Support Partners monitor the device activity through the SobrSure app. Parents, family members, therapists, employers, court systems, attorneys, and even bondsmen can help a person who wants to stay sober be monitoring the SobrSure App.

SOBRsafe enhances the ORBIIT program by delivering passive, non-invasive alcohol detection for recovery professionals, traditional housing organizations, parents, employers, and ORBIIT Clients. Experience the synergy of technology and recovery with ORBIIT Recovery and SOBRsafe.

SOBRsafe Technology: Harnessing the power of transdermal science!

  • SOBRsafe detects alcohol through the skin, directly correlating blood and breath alcohol levels.

  • Innovative Sensor: The system begins measuring alcohol excretion within 20 to 45 minutes of consumption, using an electrochemical sensor for precise parts per million readings, thus ensuring consistent and error-free results.

  • Advanced Algorithm: SOBRsafe’s algorithm translates sensor data into Transdermal Alcohol Content readings, offering a simple pass/fail indication and incorporating multifactor analysis for accurate outcomes

Proven in commercial settings since 2022, it monitors over a million interactions monthly, marking a new era in alcohol detection for recovery programs.

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